Recruitment process

The recruitment process is divided into different steps

First interview

When you apply for a job at Radiometer you will receive a confirmation e-mail. It is therefore important that you give us the correct e-mail address. Your application will be saved in our database. Once the last application date is passed all candidates will be evaluated in relation to the demands of the position. The candidates considered to be most suitable for the position will be called for an interview.

The department manager carries out the introductory round of interviews, in which the candidate’s professional profile is assessed. After the first round of interviews, the most suitable candidates are called back for a second interview.

Second interview

At the second interview, several people, e.g. future colleagues and manager, will often interview you.

Personal profile

Our HR function may also carry out a personal profile at the end of the process. This lasts about two hours and appraises topics such as your working style and the situations in which you perform best. The purpose of this is to ensure the best possible fit between the candidate and Radiometer also considering your future aspirations.


Based on the interviews and personal profiling, the department manager, together with Human Resources, will offer a position at Radiometer to the most suitable candidate.

All candidates will receive a response when the recruitment process is completed. The information received from unsuccessful candidates is stored for the length of time allowed by local law and regulations.

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