Excellence in acute cardiac care

Radiometer's acute cardiac care seminar provided insight into the latest advances in cardiac biomarker testing

Spring 2014 saw healthcare professionals and key opinion leaders from around the world gather in the South of France for the thought-provoking seminar Excellence in acute cardiac care, approved by the Acute Cardiovascular Care Association of the European Society of Cardiology.

The event provided an opportunity to hear some of the most prominent names in the field of cardiac biomarker testing deliver an insight into the latest advances in this critical sector, and how they have been successful.

Radiometer is pleased to announce the publication of Excellence in acute cardiac care, a supplement to the European Heart Journal: Acute Cardiovascular Care.

Watch the recorded sessions

The recorded sessions from the Scientific Seminar are now available from the Acute Cardiovascular Care Association

Please follow the links below to learn more about the topics discussed.

Understanding troponin testing






Evolution of the definition of MI


K. Thygesen – Aarhus University, Denmark


Troponin – Serial measurements


A. Jaffe – Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, USA


Comparison of troponin assays


F. Apple – Hennepin County Medical Center, Minneapolis, MN, USA


Impact of hs troponin on the ED


M. Moeckel – Charite University Hospital, Berlin, Germany


Critical review of troponin at POC


P. Venge – University Hospital, Uppsala, Sweden


Co-existence of POC and central lab troponins


M. Plebani – University Hospital, Padova, Italy



Understanding natriuretic peptide testing


Natriuretic peptides - A cardiologist view


C. de Filippi - University of Maryland Medical Center, Baltimore, MD, USA


Natriuretic peptides - An ED doctor view


P. Ray - Tenon Hospital, Paris, France


Natriuretic peptides in renal disease management


B. Frye - Center for Kidney and High Blood Pressure Diseases, Muenster, Germany


How to implement a sustainable LEAN culture


LEAN Presentation


A. Wallseth – General Manager, Radiometer UK and Ireland


LEAN – Real life story


V. Lindenau-Stockfisch – Paul Gerhardt Diakonie Hospital and Care, Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Germany


Keys to successful implementation of point-of-care testing


Implementation of POC Cardiac Markers (+IT)


P. Wilke - Klinikum Frankfurt, Frankfurt (Oder), Germany


Implementation of POCT quality standards to optimize the clinical process reliability


P. Luppa – Institute for Clinical Chemistry and Pathobiochemistry, Munich, Germany


Critical review of pre-analytic variables for blood gas and immunoassay testing


Pre-analytics in blood gas and immunoassays


G. Salvagno – University Hospital, Verona, Italy



The seminar was approved by the Acute Cardiovascular Care Association of the ESC.


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